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Hover Round Wheel Chairs - Quality & Branding


hover roundHover Round has built an extremely reputable brand for power wheelchairs. Lot of this brand building has happened of course because of the incredible quality of their products but some of it is also the result of creative marketing and advertising. Hover Round marketing and ads are very creative and clever in promoting their products. There are several electric wheelchair manufacturers but Hover Round stands out from the pack because of this reason.


The power of the Hover Round ad lies in the people shown in the ads. Note that the ad shows real people and not actors. The audience can easily relate with these people and identify that Hover Round is owned and used by real average everyday people. This instills confidence and need in people that if they too require a wheel chair they can easily use a Hover Round.


Also the Hover Round commercial doesn’t spend too much time listing the benefits of the wheel chair. This is quite contradictory to any marketing advice you might have heard before, but this approach makes the audience feel that the makers of this product have so much confidence in the product that they don’t need to harp on its benefits. The focus of the commercial is rather about how one can get a Hover Round with little or no cost. Hover Round is great product for someone who has been disabled in their arms because unlike other wheelchairs this chair is extremely easy to operate. But the marketing of the wheel chair doesn’t even focus on that aspect.


The Hover Round website is simple in its intent and purpose. It is designed keeping in mind its audience which would be senior citizens who might not have too much computer literacy. The website is direct and to the point and urges the user to get free information regarding how the wheel chair can be obtained through Medicare. The website doesn’t confuse the visitor with too many web widgets or designs. Also a phone number is provided on the website for the less technically inclined to get information about whether they would qualify to get the wheel chair through their insurance. Even the website doesn’t go into too many details about the benefits of the chair.


hover roundThis wheel chair though has been designed as the best in the world for mobility. It seats offers incredible support and comfort, it was designed with inputs from even NASA engineers. Every aspect of this wheelchair has been designed for the user’s benefit, even its speed at 15 mph is so that the wheelchair user can keep up at walking pace.


Hover Round wheel chair is also designed to carry several accessories with a cup holder, walking stick holder, etc. The creative of the designers of this wheel chair can be seen its advertisements and marketing material. This chair is sure to satisfy all your mobility needs.


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