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Hover Round Scooters for Mobility


hover roundHover Round scooters provide the best mobility and comfort in the accessibility scooter industry. If you have trouble moving around or standing for extended period of time, you can look into getting a mobile scooter. Such scooters are designed for stability and safety. They typically have 3 wheels and a handlebar for directional control. Some models also have 4 wheels for added stability. Hoveround models are extremely lightweight and can be used both indoors and outdoors. So these scooters will provide you the freedom you might have started to miss because of lack of mobility.


With the advances in technology, most Hover Round scooters are easy to transport. They can be quickly and easily dissembled into parts which can be easy put in the car truck. Also they can be easily transported on the airplane as carry on luggage. Once it is dissembled it would weigh less than 20 pounds. These scooters are designed for people who like to travel and don’t want to lose their mobility wherever they go.


Hover Round scooters are either 3 wheels or 4 wheels. 3 wheels models are ideal for indoor use while the 4 wheel models are great for outdoor use. The reason 3 wheel model is preferred for indoor use is because it is less bulky and offers a much smaller turning radius. So it is much easy to maneuver and ride, this quality is required when inside the house because of limited space. The 4 wheel model works great for outdoor use because it offers more stability and support. It also offers speed up to 15 mph so that it can easily keep pace with people who are walking. Both of these models are designed for comfort. You will be feeling extremely relaxed on a hover round scooter and even using it for extended period of time will not give you a sore back.


hover roundThe 4 wheel scooters can take weight of up to 400 pounds so it can be used by the person to carry around lot of his stuff. Also more advanced 4 wheel models can also be used in more rigorous conditions such as uneven roads, uphill paths, etc. These models are of course more expensive and have the drawback of not being easy to use indoors. But they can provide more freedom especially to the adventurous sort of people.


It is possible to get a Hover Round scooter through Medicare or insurance. In fact that’s how 9 out of 10 people get their wheel chair scooter; you can get more details about it on this website.


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Hoveround Power Chair

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